The Team

Founder / Mastermind

A man of few words but many ideas, leading our entire shop and overseeing the initiatives we work on. His experience is both vast and deep having experience working with Fortune 500 Companies and building intelligent, reliable and secure web properties. When he isn't building out ones and zeros, he enjoys spending time with his kids and writing rock operas.

Founder / Creative Director

Aside from creative direction he has worked with cutting edge visionaries and has crafted imagery with Disney artists, professional athletes and consulted for the most influential companies on the planet. 15 years of experience has made him a seasoned visual developer creating music videos, mobile games, websites and entrancing images for countless clients.

Project Success Manager

She has worked alongside some of the best companies and leaders nationwide. She offers a strong background in quality assurance, user testing, a passion for problem solving, a knack for understanding clients, and a vision of innovative technology solutions. She is always open to learning, networking and being awed by the sheer talent that surrounds her.

Stack MAnager

Covering more than 15 years in technology and development, He has developed a multitude of websites, apps and digital experiences. He helps lead the company's vision of software development practices and processes across the company's offices. He has worked with a wide variety of amazing brands such across the Fortune 500 lists for the last several years.

UI/UX Manager

A Myth a Man a Legend. Probably the nicest guy in the world and maybe the kindest guy you'll ever meet. Around here he can be found coding the designs and making things look pretty across browsers and devices. In his spare time he loves to tinker with his many side projects. He also loves to travel, and plans to sail around the world in his fifties.

Video & Graphics Manager

He spends his time finding creative ways to add motion to various designs. From logos to creative explainers, he has reached the ends of the motion graphics world. When he is not working, he generally spends his time at home with his wife and dog. His other passions beyond family include hockey, culinary arts, and general design in the physical world.

Lets Get Crafting

We hold a passion for strategy, innovation, brilliant ideas and the execution that brings them all together in one beautiful experience. No matter your needs we have you covered!